Port Credit Optometry Clinic

Dr Rozanec & Dr Naumowich

Dr Rozanec & Dr Naumowich - comprehensive eyecare serving south Mississauga. 

Need contact lenses? You've come to the right place. 

If you are an existing patient in our office and need more contact lenses, please send an email to us anytime at eyedoc@bellnet.ca and we will promptly review your file and order your lenses. It's that easy! 

And Remember.....

7 Reasons Why Buying Your Contact Lenses from Your Eye Doctor is the SmartChoice. 

1. Expert Professional Care and Service - our doctors are highly-trained in fitting contact lenses. We pride ourselves in providing patients with the latest technology in contact lens fitting and care.  

2. We Support What We Fit - we ensure that our patients are provided the safest and most effective care and materials, to optimize their vision and eye health.  

3. Priority Care - patients fit with contact lenses from our clinic receive priority appointments.

4. Emergency Replacements - are provided at no charge whenever possible.

5. Unopened boxes are always credited if your prescription changes, or have any problems with your lenses.

6. Bulk-pack solutions at wholesale cost - to minimize your lens maintenance costs.

7. Discounts in our premium sunglass section.


** please keep in mind that ordering a 1 year supply of lenses offers the best value... **





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